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Eustace RL

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Personal Info
Real Name Kaizen Otaka
Kanji オタカー・カイゼン
Romaji Otakā・Kaizen
Birthday September 1
Age 23 (SAO)
26 (ALO)
Gender Male
Height 174 cm
Occupation Apprentice Engineer
Player Profile
Display Name Eustace
Kanji (Display) ユーステース
Romaji (Display) Yūsutēsu
VR Played Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online
New ALfheim Online
Gun Gale Online
ALO Race Leprechaun
Occupation Blacksmith
Affiliation Teutonic Knights
Base of Operations Mishe, 35th floor
Status Alive
Voice Actor Hiroshi Shimozaki

Kaizen Otaka (オタカー・カイゼン, Otakā・Kaizen), in-game name Eustace (ユーステース, Yūsutēsu), is a player of various VRMMOs such as SAO, ALO, and GGO, and a member of the Teutonic Knights as its best blacksmith.


Reality/Sword Art Online Avatar

Kaizen has with wavy, dark brown hair often spiked upwards and glasses. He has golden brown eyes. He often dresses in casual attire, especially at his work.

His SAO avatar kept his physical appearance, and he was often dressed in heavy armor. His weapon of choice is a two-handed battle axe.

ALfheim Online Avatar

Gun Gale Online Avatar


Eustace is said to be full of youthful vigor and humor, though he is also very stubborn and doesn't listen very well to others. As a result, he is known to be very controlling, bossy, and demanding, to the point where it is hard to get along with him, which basically led him to play alone prior to him joining the Teutonic Knights. However, after being a part of the guild, he has since calmed down and now puts his energy towards crafting weapons and helping in raids. He is said to be carefree but he is actually a hard worker.


Nothing much is known about Eustace's background, prior to the entrapment in Sword Art Online. He revealed, however, that he just graduated from college by the year the game gained popularity, and was an Apprentice Engineer.


Sword Art Online

  • Level:
  • HP:

Main Equipment

  • Two-handed Battle Axe



Alfheim Online

  • Level:
  • HP:
  • MP:

Main Equipment

  • Two-handed Battle Axe



Gun Gale Online

Main Equipment

Notable Achievements



  • He was partially inspired from Denmark of Hetalia, although his RL appearance is from Thailand.
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