This guild, Etherion, is property of Yuka Ichinose.

Guild Info
Name Etherion
Kanji エーテリオン
Romanji Ēterion
VRMMORPGs End War Online
Founder Leo Regulus
Main Focus Cleansing of Eden
Base of Operations Heaven
Status Active

Etherion (エーテリオン, Ēterion) is a strong group of Angels stationed in Heaven, receiving direct orders from the Archon. The fourteen members of this group are assigned to a certain constellation in the night sky, hence their name.


The organization was formed under direct command of the Archon, with the main goal of purging Eden and becoming one of -- if not the strongest -- force of Heaven for The End War. It is led by Leo Regulus.

It was said that the original members of the Etherion had played a great role during the first waging war between Angels and Demons and was Light's strongest pawn. However, after the two clashing forces were given Heaven and Hell, the group fell into a complete inactivity as its old members slowly faded away over time.


Name Image Constellation Status
Leo RegulusArthur mugshotLeo (♌)Active
AstraeaAstraea mugshotVirgo (♍)Active
Libra JustinusLibra mugshotLibra (♎)Active
Ganemyde KishidaGanymede mugshotAquarius(♒)Active
Chrys StavropoulosAries mugshotAries (♈)Active
Taurus AldebaranTaurus mugshotTaurus (♉)Active
Castor DioscuriCastor mugshotGemini (♊)Active
Pollux DioscuriPollux mugshotGemini (♊)Active
Karkinos AltarfCancer mugshotCancer (♋️)Active
Orion MichaelidesScorpio mugshotScorpio (♏)Active
Chiron PetraccaChiron mugshotSagittarius (♐)Active
Amalthea KikuchiCapricorn mugshotCapricorn (♑)Active
Aphros OlympiaPisces mugshotPisces (♓)Active
AsclepiusOphiuchus zoomedOphiuchus (⛎)Inactive


Etherion members are skilled players in different aspects, though they all possess proficiency in Soulcraft and hand-to-hand combat, being handpicked by the Archon themselves.

All members of Etherion are also capable of using Celestial type of Light Soulcraft.

In terms of weaponry, each member of Etherion owns a weapon unique only to them, known as Sacred Treasures. They are also equipped with human weapons, which they use depending on the difficulty of the mission they are taking.


  • The name Etherion was taken from ethereal which meant heavenly or celestial.
  • Leo, Taurus and Libra are the only ones in the group named after their exact zodiac.
    • The rest are named after the characters behind the constellations.
  • Etherion works similarly to the Ten Commandments, with their goal of eradication of enemies.
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