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Eric Jefenters
Personal Info
Name Eric Jefenters
Kanji エリーク・ジェフェンターズ
Romanji Eric Jefenters
Birthday 8th October 2006
Age 16 (Beginning Aincrad Arc) 18 (Ending Aincrad Arc)
Gender Male
Height 163 cm
Weight 58 kg
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Unusual Features Broken Nose
Place of Residence Western Australia, Perth
Occupation Student
Marital Status None
Family None
Player Profile
Display Name Coolbloxxie
Kanji クールブロクスクシエ
Romanji Coolbloxxie
Epithet The Red Fire
Occupation Soldier
Previous Occupation Info Broker, Rare Item Dealer
Affiliation Oath of the Green Eye
Partner gunshot
Base of Operations Abandoned part of Town of Beginnings
Status Alive
Primary Skill Sword Flick
Unique Skill Sword Flick
Unique Weapon Flora Steel


Eric is a Caucasian Male with Shaggy Neon Red hair, about 163 CM tall and 58 KG in weight. He usually wears a neon red coat which is a rare boss drop.


Cheery, Friendly and Honest, Eric is a nice guy to be friends with. He's not into snitching, but if he's friends with a secret Red Player he's not afraid to rat them out. He enjoys hunting Ragout Rabbits, and he's usually first to get his hands on them in markets and auctions.


He used to make recording programs, He managed to make one for the nervegear and actually ended up recording his entire SAO life, but enough of that. He used to have a part-time job selling Software online.


Eric uses his own Combat Style which he calls "Erachnid" using Sword Skills and just plain swinging his sword. He learnt a rare sword skill Sword Flick, which repeatedly twitches his sword within a 2x2 metre radius of the vicinity. He's got a very strong parry skill, strong enough to parry 3 swords at once, and disarm an enemy even.

Sword Art Online

  • Level:
  • HP:

Main Equipment

  • Oracle (One Handed Khukri Style Sword - Player made by Gunshot)
  • Neon Red Returner (Super Rare Armoured Coat - Boss Drop)


Extended Weight Limit Battle Healing Hiding Parry One Handed Sword
985 / 1000
991 / 1000
Metal Equipment Repairing Sprint Straining Meditation Blacksmithing
879 / 1000
671 / 1000
810 / 1000
Bad Jokes
9999 / 1000

Notable Achievements

  • Managing to Solo the floor 81 boss
  • First Kiss in SAO


  • Eric and Gunshot met at Town of Beginnings, similar to Kirito and Klein
    • To add to this, They met the same way as Kirito and Klein, but didn't part.
  • Eric despises axes, as an Axe Murderer is the one who slaughtered his entire family
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