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Endless Utopia Online: Untold Legends
Story Information
Author FedeTkd
Status Not Started
Prequel N/A
Sequel N/A
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Endless Utopia Online: Untold Legends (Also knowns as EUO: Untold Legends or EUO: UL) is a fanfiction created and writen by User:FedeTkd. It is the main lore story of Endless Utopia Online.


This story is the main lore background of Endless Utopia Online, which determined may aspects of the current EUO world. It follows the story of two Legendary Warriors: Artha, bastard son of the King of the Humans, Uther; and his half-brother, prince Morthora Daemon. It relates the war against the [REDACTED]. It also follows the other eight Knights until the catastrophe known as The Great Cataclysm.




Music Themes

Yakusoku no Ashita e

Yakusoku no Ashita e

BERSERK ~Forces~ by Susumu Hirasawa

BERSERK ~Forces~ by Susumu Hirasawa


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