This Unique Sword Skill, En Masse Reconstruction, is property of Whizad.

En Masse Reconstruction
Sword Skill Info
Kanji エン・マセイ・リーコンストラクション
Romaji En Masei Riikonsutorakusyon
Weapon Skill One Handed Straight Sword
Color White
User(s) Yzjdriel


This unique AOE Sword Skill is activated by preparing to guard with the blade, then driving the point into the ground. The more force with which the blade is driven, the larger the area this skill will affect. Jumping into the air before driving the blade down will dramatically increase the area of effect based on the height of the jump.

Upon activation, the system selects all legal friendly targets within the area of effect, including the player who activated it. Those targets have their HP immediately restored by 20% of their maximum HP, and have any negative effects or debuffs removed.

After using this skill, the user is stunned for five seconds and unable to use other Sword Skills for fifteen seconds.

The cooldown for this skill is thirty minutes.

User: Yzjdriel

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