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Personal Info
Real Name Ryuko Motokatsu
Kanji モトカツ 流子
Romaji Motokatsu, Ryūko
Birthday April 7th, 2008
Age 14(SAO)
Gender Female
Height 1,62 mts
Weight 52kg
Occupation Student
Family Girlfriend/Wife in game of Lance
Player Profile
Display Name Elicia
Kanji (Display) エルシア
Romaji (Display) Erishia
Epithet "Cia"(by Lance)
VR Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Guild member
Affiliation Unnamed guild(Former)
Royal Knights
Status Deceased
Voice Actor Ami koshimizu
Appears In Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes

Because of you.
~ Elicia to Lance

Elicia is a player of Sword Art Online. She is the only player that joined the "Royal Knights" in game. She's Lance's girlfriend.


Elicia distinctive characteristic is her blue hair (customized by her), that is styled to her right. He also has emerald green eyes and red earrings. Her outfit is ninja-like, a white dress and on top of it, a vest orange armor, with details in yellow, the same as her boots and her forearms protectors. On her waist, she as a white belt, where she carries her katana. On her left leg, she carries a dagger.


She first had a serious, and revengeful towards Cerdic, due to he was the reason his former guildmates were killed by his army. Elicia later, thanks to Lance, started to show kindness, with those around her, especially towards him.


Not much is know about her before Sword Art Online. On February 2023, her guild was killed by Cerdic troops and she was forced to be a living bait with Silica attacking the Royal Knights. But they were saved there and became members of the guild.



Elicia was saved by Lance during a Picton attack. They quickly became close to each other, this became stronger by the time until they got married. Elicia says that Lance was the person that saves her from being driven to darkness, after her guild was killed by Cerdic, and guided to show her the light from the world.


Guinevere rapidly became friends with Elicia and spent a lot of time of her, since they were the only two girls in the guild. Elicia usually comforts Guinevere when she is in a bad mood as she always tried to reply the same.


Elicia is one of Galant's allies at the time of the battle with Cerdic. After some time, she joins their guild and becomes one of his right-hand men alongside Lance, Gawn, and Guinevere. Galant cares about her also because she is the girlfriend Shun.


Elicia is an incredibly skilled fighter using her legendary katana, YōkaiOuRyu no Katana. Her strikes and cuts are both deadly and swiftly, which combine with her great agility and speed. Facing a difficult opponent, Elicia is able to dual wield her katana with her tanto knife.

One Handed Curved Blade Katana One-handed Dagger Light Metal Equipment Parry
300 / 1000
680 / 1000
500 / 1000
550 / 1000
510 / 1000
Battle Healing Tracking Acrobatics Detection Sprint
580 / 1000
450 / 1000
440 / 1000
480 / 1000
570 / 1000
400 / 1000


  • She is the only Royal Knight who isn't based on a character from Arthurian Legend.
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