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This is not the end, I will fight until I die!
~ Asuka Shikigami against the boss of Floor 74.

Elemental Forces Online
VRMMO Information
Kanji エレメンタル軍オンライン
Romaji Erementaru-gun onrain
Developer Techtics
Release Date February 2, 2028
Genre Supernatural, RPG
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere

Elemental Forces Online may be my property, as it was my idea, but it is open to the public to use, but not alter. -Daughter.of.Shadows

Elemental Forces Online, more commonly known as EFO, is a VRMMORPG privately released to Beta Testers on October 13th, 2067, then publicly released on February 5th, 2068.


Taking place in the year 2101, EFO takes place in a modern landscape, but with an abundance of forest, greenery, and wildlife. Similar to Aincrad, EFO also uses a floor system, but it only has 75 floors.

Each of the floors have a different element, coming from the basic elements of Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, Metal, Earth, Shadow, Light, and Void. For example Floor 11 is a Lightning and Wind mix, the Storm Element.

The only exception of non-element floors is Floor 1, which is a mixture of the 6 out of the 9 basic elements and the six choose able elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Metal, and Lightning where the players can choose their element.

Technology and Reality

Also made by Techtics, this high-quality game is the higher standards for two reasons. The major reason is that this game is lag-free even in low internet connections. The other major reason is that this game allows customizable avatars for level 15 players and higher, without paying.

This game is also one of the only games that has an in-game to reality conversion system. Because of this, some qualified players run security throughout the in-game Coin storage units.


EFO Races


Common Manipulators

Manipulators are the most common Race in the EFO world. Manipulators are the basic race in the start of the game. Players can switch in between each of these races as they wish throughout the game, however each race coincides with a specific skill set that the user has to build up for each of the races. [ See: Gameplay ]

  • Fire Manipulators- Extremely weak against Water Manipulators, but the attacks are most likely non-critical unless they are of higher level. Fire Manipulators have an advantage over Wind Manipulators. Fire Manips. are common in the EFO database.
  • Water Manipulators- Deadly against Fire Manipulators, Water Manips. are abundant in EFO, being considerably equal in power to the dominating Lightning Race, as Water and Lightning are both strong against each other. Water Manips. tend to fear Earth Manipulators, especially since Earth is dominant over Water.
  • Lightning Manipulators- The most common Race in EFO, Lightning Manips are strong against Metal users, and considered equal to the Water Manipulators. Lightning Manips are weak against Void users, but they are without much to worry about since Void Manipulators are rare in the whole EFO database.
  • Wind Manipulators- Wind Manipulators are strong against Earth Manipulators, but are considerably weak against Fire users. Wind Manips. are an uncommon race in the EFO system.
  • Metal Manipulators- Metal Manipulators are uncommon throughout EFO, but are commonly at a disadvantage because of the abundance of Lightning Manips. that the Metal Manips are weak against, and almost no Void Manips. to be dominant over.
  • Earth Manipulators- Strong against the semi-dominant Water Manips, Earth Manipulators are common in the EFO system. Although weak against Wind Manips, Earth Manipulators are usually the leaders in guilds and team-ups.
  • Void Manipulators- Weak against Metal, but strong against the dominating Lightning Manips, Manips are scarce across EFO.
  • Light Manipulators- tba
  • Shadow Manipulators- tba

Hidden Manipulators

Hidden Manipulators are similar to the Light and Shadow Races, as they are a select group of "Special Manipulators," each of these elements can be found by completing quest series, unlocking hidden achievements, and doing special tasks for NPCs.

  • Space Manipulators- These Manips have the power to control objects in space, like comets, asteroids, etc. excluding stars. They can also create space objects, defy gravity, even against Gravity Hybrids with enough skill, and repel Celestial Manipulation.
  • Celestial Manipulators- Similar to Space Manipulation, the user has the ability to control stars and constellations. These users work best with Light and Shadow Manips because of the darkness around the stars and the lights cast around them.
  • Sound Manipulators- These Manips have the power to control, increase, and decrease sound waves. The player's voice, when skilled enough, can throw back a number of men. They can also take away the voices of other players, making them useless without communication.
  • Video Manipulators - Also known as "Glitches," these Manipulators can can manifest things within the algorithm. For example, it can take on the appearance of a monster with wings (albeit it will APPEAR glitchy and pixelated) and use pixelated projectiles that can phase through objects. Typically a known as a strong power, but this race needs to constantly recharge itself using sources of "video" aka TVs, satellite dishes, and etc.
  • Acid Manipulation- Acid Manipulators are feared because of their ability to spray poison and acid.


As a player levels up, element slots will unlock causing someone to have the ability to equip multiple elements to create "hybrids." Such hybrids consist of the Steam Hybrid, which is a mixture between the Fire and Water elements. These include:

  • Storm Hybrids- Wind and Lightning Manipulator, these hybrids do not only have the power to separately manipulate Lightning and Wind elements, but have the power to combine them into certain new skills called Storm Skills. These Manipulators have the weaknesses Water, Earth, and Void.
  • Magma Hybrids- Fire and Earth Manipulator, these hybrids do not only have the power to separately manipulate Earth and Fire elements, but have the power to combine them into a certain new skills called Magma skills. These Manipulators are weak to Earth and Fire weaknesses, water and wind.

and many other hybrid possibilities. Currently only these two are known.


Note: All races can manipulate all elements, their race is just what they specialize in.

See EFO Skills

Death System

The death system of EFO works like the ones is ALO and GGO, once the plays HP drops to zero, they dissolve into red fragments, and re-spawn in Safe Zones.

Pain System

Pain in EFO depends on the race you're character is. If a Fire Manip attacks a Water Manip, then the pain wouldn't be intense, but if a Water Manip attacks a Fire Manip, then the pain would be 5 times worse than being attacked by a normal damage attack.


Most weapons in EFO are not buyable weapons, as the term Elemental Manipulation. Most weapons in the system are created based on the rank a player's Manipulation is on.

Normally forged weapons

Normally forged weapons are usually used my Hidden Manipulators under the level of 15. These consist of 5 basic weapons.

  • The Bow and Arrow
  • The Sword
  • The Battle Axe
  • The Spear
  • The Knives


Floor 1- The Beginning- 開始- Kaishi

Floor 2- Land of Fire- 火の国- Hinokoku

Floor 3- Land of Water 水の土地- Mizu no Tochi

Floor 4- Land of Lightning- 雷の土地- Kaminari no ​​ tochi

Floor 5- Land of Earth- 地球の土地- Chikyū no tochi


These are words and phrases you will hear from players throughout the story:

  • Mirror Reality- The alternate reality in which the world of EFO is mirrored, but without players and all nature. Except for one thing, the elements are interchanged. The seas are made of Fire, the land is made of water, the air is full of metal, and metal is made of earth.

The Mirror Reality is where manipulators summon their weapons or attacks. If a Fire Manipulator summons a Flame Tornado, then it creates a flaming tornado in the Mirror Reality and that tornado is summoned by the player who cast it.

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