This sword was given to Jereni when the real SAO started. She was rewarded by Kayaba for her great efforts of surviving the Alpha test with special equipments. The sword posses a unique ability, that let's the wearer charged the weapon with the soul of those lost, and strike at tripple attack power, but at the cost of (Level x4 = hp) for each strike. They say the Valkyrie was connected with the spirits of those who died, and she had to pay a price to use them as ally, so works the weapon. Jereni Always says the phrase "Come to me, my noble Einherjar" when activiting it's full potential.

Item Info
Name Einherjar
Epithet Spirit of The Lost Ones
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location None
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Sword
Sub-type One handed
Status Owned


Einherjar looks just like the sword she is holding in the pictures, but it changes into a kind of lightning, when she unleashes the special powers it holds.

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Sword Art Online



Sword / One handed

Type: Slashing

Attack: Level Determinant. Current is 1200 - 1300

Durability: 2000

Weight: 170

Equip: +20

Estimated Dimensions

Handle: 21 cm

Blade: 84 cm

Known User

Jereni Alexandrov