Note: not to be confused with Einherjar, the sword wielded by Jereni Alexandrov

Einherjar (ALO)
Monster Info
Kanji エーンハージャー
Romaji Ēnhājā
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online's
Location Ruby Palace, Aincrad
EXP None
Cor None

Einherjar are a high-level monster. They are found in the Ruby Palace, the 100th floor of New ALfheim Online's Aincrad. They serve under [REDACTED], the final boss of Aincrad.

They are set to appear in Sword Art Online: New Aincrad.


The Einherjar are humanoid monsters. They are between 1.7 and 2 meters tall. They wear an armor, which can consist of a breastplate, shoulder pauldrons, rerebraces, vambraces, gauntlets, fauld, cuisse, polyenes, greaves, and sabatons. All Einherjar wear a masked helm with two holes where the eyes should be, which glow in green.

The weapons they wield are variable. Some carry swords and shields, other large battle axes, others halberds, others spears and shields. In short, the combinations are infinite.

There are a total of 3,853 Einjerjar. Once an Einherjar loses all of its HP, it will not respawn. The final boss is able to choose how many Einheriar are summoned at a time, with which armor and which weapons will they wield. He has a limit though, and cannot summon all monsters at the same time.


Since they possess a certain level of intelligence (though not as much as an AI like for instance, Yui), the Einherjar are quite capable warriors. Though they are adept fighters that can wield a variety of weapons and present a challenge to adept warriors, their main strength does not come from their ability to solve problems on their own and using their numbers to their advantage.



  • In Norse mythology, the Einherjar are those warriors who died in battle and are resurrected in Valhalla by the Valkyries. There they eat and drink until the time of Ragnarok, where they will participate in a massive battle between the forces of the Aesir and the Giants.
    • Matching their mythology namesake, the SAO Einherjar represent the 3,853 SAO players who died during the death-game, and they are set to fight in a great battle, the final boss battle in SAO.
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