Holy Sword of Protection
Item Info
Name Durandal & Protector
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location None
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Sword
Sub-type One handed Straight Sword
Status Acquired

The Durandal Sword & Scabbard, were sent to Adelle after eleven month that the death game had started. They were awarded to her along the Unique Skill she posses, for being the highest level layer in the closed beta test of Sword Art Online.


The sword Looks normal but for the guard part. The guard was made with a small purple circle in the middle, with another part on the back of the blade, making it easier to shift to any other forms, as the two purple parts are movable on command. The Scabbard, is made only for The Durandal.


Sword Art Online



Sword / One Handed Straight

Range: Short

Type: Slash

Attack: 700 - 720

Durability: 2050

Weight: 180

Requires: 45

Equip: +40

Strenght: +10

Agility: +10

Dexterity: +10

Estimated Dimensions

Handle: 23 cm

Blade: 83 cm


Shield / Scabbard

Range: Short

Type: Defence

Defence: 300

Durability: 2050

Equip: +40

Hit Point: +1000

Estimated Dimensions

83 cm

Known Users