This Unique Skill, Dual Weapon, is property of 0123456789 The Great.

Never expected that Sunshine Impact, huh? That's because you underestimated me.
Dual Weapon
Skill Info
Kanji そう
Romaji Sōbuki
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Unique Skill
User(s) Z-ARC

"Dual Weapon" is a skill that allows the user to use 2 weapons at the same time, with an additional benefits. The owner of this skill is Z-ARC. The Skill is given to the first player who has used every type of weapons.

Using this skill, Zarc wields Roaring Slash in the right hand, and use Black Knuckle in the left hand.



Dual Weapon lets the user uses 2 one-handed weapon, of any type and any combination. With the player may use Sword Skill from both weapon by chaining one of them to another. If the Sword Skill is used by the weapon from the left hand, the skill will be mirrored.

The user may also use a two-handed weapon, equipping on top of a glove-shaped weapon. In that case, the user cannot use any Sword Skill form the glove weapon unless the two-handed weapon in removed from the hand equipping that glove. (Such as by temporarily holding the two-handed weapon with only one hand)

Additional Pros

  • Halved post motion delays for all Sword Skills.
  • Equipped items' durability can never reach 0.


  • The damage output for all attacks are reduced.
  • The damage output for each weapon wielded became proportional to the remaining durablility of the weapon.
  • Sword Skills of 12 hits or greater cannot be used.
  • No unique Sword Skills.
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