Technique Info
Kanji ドラゴンスケール
Romaji Doragonsukēru
Classification Energy Bending - Alteration
Element None
Rank D-Rank
Class Defensive, Offensive
Range Close-Range
Race Dracos
House None
Group None

Dragonscale is a Draco-exclusive, Energy Bending Alteration technique in Endless Utopia Online.


This technique was created by the first Dragon King, Bowein the Great, after observing and studying the skin of Dragons, managed to create a technique to imitate it. He taught it to many Dracos so that his legacy would live on.


Dragonscale allows the Draco using the technique to harden parts any part of his skin, making that part look rough and scaled, almost reptilian-like. This not only protects the Draco from most physical attacks but also from Fire and also increases the already impressive resistance to heat inherent to the Draco race. Aside from the enhanced defenses, it also grants the user more offensive power, making each physical attack considerably more powerful.

The drawback is that this technique cannot be maintained for extended periods and that there is a limit to how much damage the skin can withstand, and with each attack received on the hardened zone, the hardened skin slowly dissipates. This skill is also less effective against the augmented or combined forms of Fire, such as Lightning, Scorch or Magma. The same applies to Created Elements that include Fire as one of their components.

Basic training allows the user to block daggers with the scaled zone. With training, they should be able to block stronger weapons. Experts of this technique can cover all of their bodies and receive little to no damage.

The technique can also be learned by Hybrids who are half-Draco, but it will be more difficult for them to make it as effective as a regular Draco.

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