Dragon Hunt
Quest Info
Name Dragon Hunt
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 54
Objective Find the whereabout and defeat the dragon
Boss Bahamut
Reward Leveatine
Status Copleted

Dragon Hunt was a special quest open for grab on the February 11th 2024 from 9AM to 10AM. players received a message and they had to get to the designated place and speak with the quest giver on floor 54. Being that the time given was only 30 minutes to take the quest, only 9 players were able to took it, and only one could complete it. 


Rech the quest giver on floor 54, in the tie limit of one hour.


Floor 54 at from 9Am to 10AM


  • Gather info
  • Find whereabout of the Dragon by completing several side quests.
  • Defeat Bahamut


This Special quest was taken by only 9 players. Only the one dealing the final blow could complete the quest. The others still won some rare drops and othr items from the quest. The first chalenges of the quests were easily done, but the more it went on, players had to form parties, and travel through mountain roads, swamps and all to find the wherabout of the dragon. Then the 9 players fought the Bahamut with the help of some other, who knew they could benefit from anything in the quest but still gave a hand.

Known Attempts

(Anyone can put their Charaters names here up till 9 are there.)