Race Info
Name Dracos
Kanji ドラッコーズ
Romaji Dorakkōzu
Leader Helene Argyris
Capital Naga
Territory [REDACTED]
Elemental Affinity Fire

Hear our Roar. Feel our Fire.
~ Draco words

Dracos are one of the seven playable races in Endless Utopia Online.


Same as the other races in EUO, the exact origin of the Dracos is yet unknown.

Their territory limits with the Fairy territory and with the Avian territory. The capital, Naga, is located right in the center of their territory, near a chain of nine volcanoes. The Dracos are governed by the Dragon King.

Some years after The Great Cataclysm, an organization of dragon riders was created by the first Dragon King, Bowein, who was also the first dragon rider. Their duty was to protect their King. However, some centuries later, the Order split from their sworn duty, becoming a separate organization which primary focus was peace.

Historically, Dracos have worshipped the Holy Flame, which they believe to be the origin of all life.


For most Dracos, Fire is their primary ability. They are able to easily control flames almost as if it was second nature to them. Dracos are also able to use the reinforced forms of fire: Sun and Lightning. Dracos also have abilities in other elements, especially in Air and Earth. This is because Earth lets them create Magma and Airlets them create Scorch. They are also able to resist extreme heat.

However, Dracos strong connection with fire has two notable drawbacks. First off, to create Fire, oxygen or other inflammable gas are needed, such as methane or propane (some gasses may increase the power of a Dracos while controlling fire). Secondly, Dracos become weaker in extremely cold places or inside water.

Known Dracos


  • "Draco" is the latin for "Dragon".


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