Woe to whatever beast is caught in the wake of this weapon's swing, for they will be torn to shreds and left unrecognizable.
~ - In game description.
Beast cutter
Weapon Info
Kanji 分割
Romaji Bunkastu
VRMMORPG End War Online
Weapon Type Machete / Whip

The Type-5 SM-4 is one of the HF-Archetypes and is unowned, as it is currently deep underground and sealed in a guarded vault in the game End War Online.


The Type-5 SM-4 consists of a 4 meter-long machete that's incredibly thick, and heavy in girth. The "blade" itself is black in color, and appears to be several smaller blades connected together, with the edges of the blades being serrated. The blade is connected to a shorter, metallic handle with a trigger mechanism attached on the blade, that activates the Segmental system. The blade itself splits into 10 separate blades that can split concrete from the sheer weight of each and every blade, making it incredibly unwieldy by those who aren't strong enough to swing it. Each blade is connected by a tough alloyed metallic chain.

Segmental System

The Type-5 features segmented blades connected together by evenly distributed metallic chains in between each segment of the blade. Each chain is 1.5 meters, allowing for each of the 10 separate blades which are 4 meters in length, to increase to massive length of 13 meters. This massive length and heavy weight allows the weapon to be devastating if wielded correctly, allowing for incredibly deadly, but also incredibly slow swings. The weapon carries a lot of momentum behind it that needs to be maintained. Alongside this, due to the empty space in-between each of the separate chains between the blades, it could catch melee weapons between them, and crush the blade or handle. It's said that the last user of the weapon actually had an automail arm, which means no regular human has actually wielded the weapon.

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