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I bet this is going to be one of those infuriatingly low drop-rate things.
~ Asuka on the drop-rate.
Dire Wolf Claws (Kenji)
Weapon Info
Kanji 偃月刀
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type Claw
Obtained/Made By Very rare drop from Alpha Dire Wolves

A set of «Dire Wolf Claws» are clawed weapons obtained as a monster drop from rare Alpha Dire Wolves on the 1st Floor of Aincard in «Sword Art Online». Up to five enhancement attempts could be made to the «Dire Wolf Claws».[1]

These claws served as Airi's initial set of claws on the lower floors of Aincrad and contributed to her crowd control role.[2] She managed to enhance them to +3 shortly after obtaining them,[3] and finalized their enhancement to +5 (4S1A) shortly after the battle with «Zagan the Exile».[4]

At full enhancement the «Dire Wolf Claws» yielded a «Bleeding Ingot» when converted into an ingot. This item, when forged by Akiye, yielded a set of «Cat Claws».


The «Dire Wolf Claws» grant a flat +3 bonus to Agility and also possess a special on-hit affect.[1] This effect is a percentage chance to deal a damage-over-time (DoT) affect that continues to damage the afflicted target which can be further increased with a special, albeit expensive, food item available on the 2nd Floor.[3]

When the «Dire Wolf Claws» were enhanced the chance of the DoT taking effect on a successful hit was also increased as a side effect. When powered up to +3 by Airi just before December 7th 2022, Kenji couldn't believe that the percentage had increased to 30%.[5] This increased to 40% percent when enhanced to +5 between the 15th and 17th of December 2022.[6]

Despite being enhanced to their maximum level Airi continued to use the claws even when she and her comrades began questing on the 5th Floor.[7]

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Behind the scenes

  • When creating the «Dire Wolf Claws» its stats were intended to be comparable to the «Wind Fleuret» and «Stout Brand», with its special attributes making it slightly more powerful.


  • Kenji claims that the «Dire Wolf Claws» where likely designed specifically to take advantage of a food buff available on the 2nd Floor that increased the percentile chance of its DoT affect.[3]
  • Kenji admits that he experimented with this clawed weapon during the beta test and claimed that it was an effective PK and duelling weapon.[3]
  • According to Kenji this was the only weapon with a DoT affect he encountered in the beta before the 4th Floor.[3]

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