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I bet this is going to be one of those infuriatingly low drop-rate things.
~ Asuka on the drop-rate.
Dire Wolf Claws (Kenji)
Weapon Info
Kanji 偃月刀
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type Claw
Obtained/Made By Very rare drop from Alpha Dire Wolves

A set of «Dire Wolf Claws» are clawed weapons obtained as a monster drop from rare Alpha Dire Wolves on the 1st Floor of Aincard in Sword Art Online (SAO). Up to five enhancement attempts could be made to the «Dire Wolf Claws».[1]

These claws where Airi's initial set of claws on the lower floors of Aincrad and contributed to her crowd control role.[2] She managed to enhance them to +5 (4S1A) shortly after the battle with «Zagan the Exile».[3]

At full enhancement the «Dire Wolf Claws» yielded a «Bleeding Ingot» when converted into an ingot. This item, when forged by Akiye, yielded a set of «Cat Claws».


The «Dire Wolf Claws» grant a flat +3 bonus to Agility and also possess a special on-hit affect.[1] This affect is a percentage chance to deal a damage-over-time (DoT) affect that continues to damage the afflicted target which can be further incresed with a special, albeit expensive, food item available on the 2nd Floor.[4]

When the «Dire Wolf Claws» were enhanced the percentage chance of the DoT taking effect on a successful hit was also increased as a side-effect. When powered up to +3 by Airi just before December 7th, 2022, Kenji couldn't believe that the percentage chance had increased to 30%.[5] This increased to 40% percent when enhanced to +5 between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[6]

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Behind the scenes

  • When creating the «Dire Wolf Claws» its stats where intended to be comparable to the «Wind Fleuret» and «Stout Brand», with its special attributes making it slightly more powerful.


  • Kenji claims that the «Dire Wolf Claws» where likely designed specifically to take advantage of a food buff available on the 2nd Floor that increased the percentile chance of its DoT affect.[4]
  • Kenji admits that he experimented with this clawed weapon during the beta test and claimed that it was an effective PK and dueling weapon.[4]
  • According to Kenji this was the only weapon with a DoT affect he encountered in the beta before the 4th Floor.[4]

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