Personal Info
Name Jessie Gust
Birthday August 3rd, 2006
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde (Purple for Avatar)
Unusual Features Large birthmark that covers left side of face
Place of Residence Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
Occupation Student
Family None
Player Profile
Display Name Demzi
Epithet The All-American 100 Fist Flurry
Affiliation The Blood Hawks (Guild)

Jessie Gust is an American who was trapped in Sword Art Online. In SAO, his avatar was Demzi. He is a member of the Blood Hawks, and one of the main protagonists of Sword Art Online: Oaths to keep.


During the start of SAO, Jessie uses a male avatar, reflecting his own gender. His avatar was not significantly taller than his true height. He wears the standard clothing in periwinkle (which happens to be his favorite color). His avatar had short, purple hair while his true appearance sports blonde, longer hair that reaches his neck. Jessie has brown eyes. Jessie's most notable facial feature is the large red birthmark, which stretches across the left side of his face. He wears a Periwinkle motorcycle jacket with spiked shoulders. He wears black jeans and brown combat boots.


Jessie is a typically laid back person, not taking many things that happen to him too seriously. He is often found with a smile on his face. Most would describe him as earnest and excitable. More often than not, Jessie appears to be unaware of his surroundings, oblivious to the true threats he has to face. At times, Jessie may seem endangered by his lack of awareness.

In actuality, Jessie is almost constantly alert and planning the next action in case of emergency. Jessie is plagued by severe anxiety, which he hides with his easygoing and optimistic outlook.

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