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Demeter's Gift
Skill Info
Kanji ディミーターズ・ギフト
Romaji Dimītāzu.gifuto
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Category Combat Skill, Unique Skill
User(s) Aki
Appears in Thorns Within the Heart
Sword Art Online: New Aincrad
Now let us see what you are capable of and how you fall it despair! Attack!
~ Black Rose Witch

Demeter's Gift is the unique of Skill of Aki.


This unique skill allows her to summon a Plant-life monster NPC out of nothing, and furthermore, the monster follows her command. This Unique Skill was gained alongside the Noir Rose Epine that was obtained by her, once she killed the Black Rose Dragon. It also allows her to cause her opponents pain.

Aki has little control of her incredibly strong Unique Skill. Due to this, she began to be despised among Aincrad and, out of desperation, anger and despise, she became the Black Rose Witch and began wearing a mask with an outfit that resembled a real-life witch. When she completely loses control, what can be caused either by insults or by physical damage done to her, powers increase more than usual, meaning her anger is the cause of everything.

After Galant defeated her, she became capable of controlling monsters, summons, and powers at free will.

On New ALO, Aki's has perfected this skill and now uses it mostly for creating weapons made of solid branches, to use them as side weapons. Furthermore, her plants cannot be burned by the fire she uses as a salamander.


Aki can summon a number of monsters to the field upon just saying their name accompanied by the quantity. Her most powerful monster is the Black Rose Dragon, which merged with her after she killed it.

Her familiars are:

  • Ivy Wall
  • Twilight Rose Knight
  • Violet Witch
  • Rose Tentacles
  • Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
  • Black Rose Dragon


  • The skill also made Aki's hair longer, affected by her anger. This lasted until Galant defeated her.
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