The Death set was given to Hanzo by none other then Kayaba Akihiko, or more known by the name Heathcliff. They met once in a dungeon, And Hanzo was expecting a fight with the leader of the front lines, but to his surprise, He handed him a powerful set of equipment. Heathcliff told him to make good usage of it, this was rare, but he knew that Hanzo was the only that could use it well.

Death Set
Noxian assassin talon by ariferemis-d61en10
Item Info
Name Grim Reaper's robe, Death hood, Assassin's boots,Death Hand, Ninja Belt (The strapped belt with knives at the end.)
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location None
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Armor
Sub-type Armor, gloves, Boots, Helmet, accessory
Status Owned



Sword Art Online


Grim Reaper's Robe

Type: Defence

Defence: 100

Durability: 700

Equip: +20

Agility: +30

Acrobatic: +30

Sprint: +30

Hiding: +100

Death Hood

Type: Defence

Defence: 60

Durability: 600

Agility: +20

Night Vision: +50

Assassin Boots

Type: Defence

Defence: 50

Durability: 900

Agility: +20

Special Effect: Makes no sound while running

Death Hand

Type: Defence

Defence: 90

Durability: 800

Special effect: Can be use as a Shield

Ninja Belt

Type: Attack-Defence

Attack: +200

Defence: +50

Known User

Izumo Takashita