This skill, Death Scythe, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Death Scythe is a skill unique to the Reapers' scythe Corvus. Its current user is Grimm.

This skill allows Grimm, when wielding Corvus, to instantly kill any NPC or PC in the game, whilst simultaneously bringing his own HP down to 4. This effect is absolute, disregarding all factors that would make the attack a nonlethal hit. If the blade connects, then whatever it hits will die regardless of any factors, and Grimm's HP will be reduced to 4. HP will remain at 4 for exactly 60 minutes after the skill is used, before any healing techniques, such as Emergency Recovery, will take effect. The skill can only be used once every time full HP is reached, but does not require full HP to be used. If the skill misses, the skill requires the hour cooldown, but does not reduce HP.

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