Darkness Falls
Guild Info
Name Darkness Falls
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online
Founder Aiken
Members Aiken, Gerg, Vin, Jesse, Kitty, Auser, Mattias, Jinx
Main Focus Surviving
Base of Operations 13th Floor house
Allies none
Status Active

Aiken Arrow's guild that he started on floor 5. Sustained through Aiken's hunts and Gerg's blacksmithing business


The symbol is of a phoenix with the colors reversed. Kitty explained the meaning behind the symbol when they first started teaming up together and playing MMOs, but everyone has forgotten since then and just use the symbol out of habit.


The guild is centered around a mixed group of MMO-loving transfer and native students. Aiken founded the group to create a network of friends with similar interests to make his life in Japan easier


Sword Art Online

A guild focusing on surviving the death game that the members were stuck in.

Alfheim Online

Resurrected by Aiken Arrows' return to the VRMMO world, the guild makes large strides in New Aincrad.


Meeting on a daily basis at the SAO survivor's school, with several members rooming with each other.


Darkness Falls' headquarters is located on floor 13, in a large manor house located near the market place. The house was almost exclusively bought with the gold that Aiken earned from his work in the frontlines

Known Members


  • Surviving SAO
  • Highest Player Kills (Held by Aiken Arrows)
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