Element Info
Romaji Yami
Classification Prime Elements
Race Fiends
Opposed Element Light

Darkness is one of the six Prime Elements and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online.



Darkness has to be created has to be created by the user by using his Aera, unlike the rest of the Prime Elements (with exception of Light), which allow the user to use that element if it lies within his or her vicinity.

Another relevant difference with the other four Prime Elements is that the level of power that a player can achieve with Darkness is highly dependent on the user's feelings. The other four Elements rely on a physical attribute and can be enhanced by an external source, while Light and Darkness rely on the user's mind and soul. Darkness feeds on the user's negative feelings, emotions, memories, etc...Therefore, to train this element, players generally search for a feeling or a memory that brings grief and misery to the user and therefore are able to perform Darkness techniques. If the user has too many positive feelings or memories, the learning of this element becomes difficult, nearly impossible if said feelings are very positive. Masters of this elements are able to perform techniques with just by flashing that memory in their minds.

Darkness has a more aggressive and attack focus on it's learning stages, and as the user gains more experience, it is possible for him to learn defensive and supportive techniques.


  • Negativism: negative feelings are likely to strengthen this element's techniques.


  • Light: as the opposite element, Darkness can be very powerful against Light. But this also means that Light can be very powerful against Darkness.
  • Positivism: positive feelings are likely to hinder this element's techniques.


  • Darkness is the only one of the prime elements that doesn't have any enhanced or combined forms.
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