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Dancing (Kenji)
Skill Info
Kanji 舞踊
Romaji buyou
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Supportive
User(s) Fujimaru Nakamura
Appears in SAOK: Inbetweeners III

«Dancing» (舞踊), also referred to simply as «Dance», is an «Extra Skill» featured in «Sword Art Online».[1]


The «Dancing» Skill was first discovered by Fujimaru Nakamura. The details were freely provided to Argo, who subsequently told Fujimaru that "he was in credit" regarding the purchase of information.[1] Despite this the Extra Skill wasn't widely known; Kirito claimed that the front-line group knew of only «Martial Arts» and «Meditation» around the time that the 6th Floor was unlocked.[2]

«Dancing» is unlocked through a randomly generated event at the lake immediately south of the western-most settlement on the 4th Floor, which is the location of numerous NPC fishermen and a small pier.[1]

A young female dancer is alluded to by the fishermen when spoken to, though they admit that she is shy and won't dance for strangers. Only a player with the «Fishing» Skill can trigger the event. Once the prerequisite of having «Fishing» equipped is addressed then the dancer NPC will appear, wade out into the shallows of the lake, and begin to dance.[1]

Fujimaru states the quest is highly clichéd because the dancer is subsequently attacked by monsters. If the player manages to protect her throughout her dance, all whilst receiving the buffs it grants, then they will be awarded with the «Dancing» Extra Skill.[1] Kenji Hiroshi, with help from Fujimaru as a fisherman, completed the quest in order to receive the «Extra Skill», but doubted whether he would ever actually use it.[3]


«Dance» is a supportive Skill that can either impart several buffs to another player or several debuffs to an enemy.[1] A «Dancers» ability to increase the HP restoration, which is similar to the Regen spell from classical RPG games, was cited by Kenji as being the closest thing in Aincrad he had seen to a dedicated healing class.[3]

The «Pre-Motion» for «Dancing» involves several rhythmic steps upon the ground in a stationary position, with each «Dance» having a different number and sequence of steps.[3] «Dance» does not impart a «Post-Motion» effect after completion of a «Dance».

«Mods» for «Dancing» can be taken every 50 levels of proficiency, with two «Mods» available for selection at each level, leading to many possible combinations. Skills max at a proficiency of 1000 and are thus considered «Complete» and remain as such unless removed through use of a special item to save its progress.[4] Due to this a total of 20 «Mods» from a pool of 40 can be selected by the player.



English Name Japanese Name Description Ref
«Healing Waltz» 医円舞
Initial skill.
«Pre-Motion» consists of a heel turn.
A party-wide «Dance» lasting 15 seconds that can heal status effects up to Level 2.
Cooldown: 180 seconds.
Quick Steps Cooldown: 162 seconds.
«Manoeuvring» 工作
«Pre-Motion» consists of a box step.
Proficiency 100.
A «Dance» lasting 10 seconds that halves personal active «Cooldowns».
Cooldown: 300 seconds.
Quick Steps Cooldown: 270 seconds.
«Wondrous Pace» 幻想的足並み
«Pre-Motion» consists of a feather step.
Proficiency 200.
A «Dance» lasting 60 seconds that mesmerises enemies within 30 feet of the user. Afflicts the enemies with «Strength Down» and «Defence Down».
At the end of the «Dance» the user becomes the target of every monster affected.
Cooldown: 300 seconds.
Quick Steps Cooldown: 270 seconds.


English Name Japanese Name Description Prof. Ref
«Quick Steps» 早足
A «Mod» which reduces «Dancing» Skill «Cooldown» by 10%. 50.
«Backstage Manoeuvring» 裏面工作
A «Mod» for «Manoeuvring» which upgrades the Skill to «Backstage Manoeuvring».
Provides a party-wide «Sword Skill» and «Combat Skill» buff that cuts existing «Cooldown» windows by 50%.
«Faith-healing Waltz» 加持円舞
A «Mod» for «Healing Waltz» which upgrades the Skill to «Faith-healing Waltz».
Provides a party-wide HP restoration buff which restores 5% of the targets maximum HP every ten seconds for 60 seconds.
Total HP restoration of 30%.
150. [3]
«Veil of Darkness» 夜の帳
A «Mod» which opens up access to a supplementary Skill.
Reduces personal aggro to 0.
Can only be used 10 seconds after using «Wondrous Pace».
Shares its «Cooldown» with «Wondrous Pace».


«Dancing» appears to be highly compatible with other Skills, leading to various possible «Composite Effects». These additional effects are not listed by the system and need to be discovered by the user.[5] Fujimaru's existing Skills per his slotting of «Dancing» to his list of active Skills included «One-handed Curved Sword» and «Sprint».[6] Both of these Skills resulted in unique «Composite Effects» when combined with «Dancing».

English Name Japanese Name Description Skills Ref
«Sword Dance» 剣舞
A four-hit combination Sword Skill comprising dance-like movements delivered at blistering speed.
Cooldown: 60 seconds.
Quick Steps Cooldown: 54 seconds.
«One-handed Curved Sword»

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Behind the scenes

  • «Dancing» was originally intended as a Skill unlocked by Airi Natsume. The decision was made however to make her build more roguish, and she was thus given a skill-set through «Composition» that was similar to classical thieves to serve more of a scout role.


  • When he first unlocked it Fujimaru was only level 17 and already had his Skill slots filled.[1]
  • Kenji unlocked the Skill by taking advantage of Fujimaru's «Fishing» Skill, but doubted he'd ever actually use it.[3]

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  1. Fujimaru stated that he would slot «Dancing» upon reaching Level 20.
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