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Personal Info
Real Name Daisuke Ratoya
Kanji ラトヤ 大輔
Birthday September 29th, 2007
Age 15(SAO)
Gender Male
Height 1,75 mts
Weight 66 kg
Family Bors(Brother)
Player Profile
Display Name Dagonet
Kanji (Display) ダゴネト
Romaji (Display) Dagonetto
VR Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Blacksmith
Affiliation Royal Knights
Status Deceased
Appears In Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes

Dagonet is one of Galant's friends and member of the Royal Knights.


Dagonet most distinctive is his light green hair covering most of his head and the back of his neck. He has brown eyes. He wears a blue vest with details in light orange. His boots and forearms protectors have the same color. He also wears an armor of the same color with brown belts that ties it together and the sheath of his hammer at his back.

His pats are long and white, with a black knee pad. He has bandages on his left thigh.


Dagonet tends to be quick-tempered and reckless and impulsive, defying Galant's authority and decisions, and often at the side of Lance while there is an argument in the Guild. He does not generally like jokes. Yet, he values his friends and uses all his strength to protect them, even sacrificing his own life

He cares the most about his brother, most than everyone else in the Guild.


Dagonet is a very skilled knight, commonly wielding his two-handed hammer, Mjolnir, single-handed. He is incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, his impulsiveness seems to take control of him sometimes. This leads him to simply and quickly overpowering instead of defending. His great power to defeat even the most devastating of attacks gives him a great advantage over his enemies, but can lead to him getting hurt on many occasions.

Sword Art Online

  • Lvl:32
  • HP: 7500
  • Main equipment:
One-Handed War Hammer Two-Handed War Hammer Light Metal Equipment Battle Healing Parry
350 / 1000
400 / 1000
190 / 1000
250 / 1000
260 / 1000
Howl Searching Metal Refining Slash Weapon Forging Blunt Weapon Forging
220 / 1000
200 / 1000
270 / 1000
270 / 1000
320 / 1000
Thrust Weapon Forging
330 / 1000

One-Handed War Hammer/ Two Handed Warhammer Skills


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