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DSO; Death Scythe Online is a fanfiction written by user Shuzuka Serizawa.



Kichiro Miyazawa, a 16 year old High School student. He is an addict gamer. He already finished 10,000 games since he’s 6 years old until now. Also, he’s an avid fan of different online games and virtual games.

At year 2046, virtual gamers use 3D TechNer Gear

(A/n: 3D Technical Nerven Gear is a game paraphernalia for VVMORPG’S)

After Kichiro finished playing an virtual RPG game at his PC , His PC suddenly shut down. A few seconds passed, it opened but the Computer is already reformatted. All of his files and documents we’re gone and only one file left. He opened it, he saw a message saying “do you want to enter?” thinking it was the virtual game he downloaded earlier, he click the yes button and quickly wear his TechNer Gear

But he was shocked to see that it wasn’t the game he assumed he downloaded. It’s a different one. He never sees a virtual world as beautiful as where he is now.

DSO :Death Scythe Online. This is where he met Shiina. The one who helped him, who taught him and showed him everything about DSO. She was also her partner having him as the Artisan and Shiina as the Weapon.

But here’s the twist , there’s no logout button and they need to clear 100 floors of the Death Tower before they can logout. Also, when your HP Bar drops to 0 ,there’s no resurrection, back to checkpoint or save point. You would be gone from the virtual world and also at the real world.

Could Kichiro and Shiina survive and clear the 100 floors of the Death Tower? Be still together until the end? Could they see the Sunset at the real world together? Or be the best tandem ever in DSO?


  • Prologue
  • Chapter One : Reasons behind  
  • Chapter Two : Strange File
  • Chapter Three : Death Game
  • Chapter Four : The Pact
  • Chapter Five : Death Tower
  • Chapter Six : Comrades
  • Chapter Seven : Real Journey
  • Chapter Eight : Meeting an old friend
  • Chapter Nine : The Cursed weapon
  • Chapter Ten : Meshitsukai Dawn
  • Chapter Eleven : The Frontline
  • Chapter Twelve : Trap battle
  • Chapter Thirteen : Blizzard
  • Chapter Fourteen : Knowing her
  • Chapter Fifteen : Starting again
  • Chapter Sixteen : Murazaki from Athena's Chrome
  • Chapter Seventeen : Legend
  • Chapter Eighteen : Yuka, The Lost One
  • Chapter Nineteen : Meeting Again
  • Chapter Twenty : Athena's Chrome


Meshitsukai Dawn:

  • Kichiro
  • Shiina
  • Sakuko
  • Yukito
  • Akira
  • Hana

Athena's Chrome:

  • Murazaki
  • Akihito
  • Tsubaki
  • Aiko
  • Aika


  • Chizusa
  • Ginger

Solo players:

  • Yuka
  • Shido
  • Shu
  • Caleb
  • Death Scythe

Player Types

Players at DSO falls into 2 types



Artisan Types

1st Genki Class = can see souls,know it's wavelenght and determine it's nature and abilities

2nd Genki Class = can see soul, determine it's wavelenght

3rd Genki Class = can see souls

Weapon Types

Pink = Fire arms and guns

yellow = spears, axes and maces

violet = kanata/swords

red = chainswords, scythes

green = bow&arrows, pinswords

orange = double weapons

blue = artillery, sub- machine guns

black&white = unique type

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