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Cygnus Onslaught
Cygnus Onslaught
Sword Skill Info
Kanji シグナス・オンスロート
Romaji Shigunasu Onsurōto
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Weapon Skill any two one-handed swords
Color Cerulean
User(s) Shiota

Cygnus Onslaught is a relatively advanced sword skill under the Dual Blades category. A proficiency level of 250 is needed before one is able to use this skill.


This skill consists of two simple hits. The user charges their swords with energy before doing a front flip and slashing an X-shape. It has a short range although it is AOE.

The user initiates the skill by jumping in the air with both their swords crossed in and X-shape over their head.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume XI, Chapter I, Part I N/A N/A Shiota uses Cygnus Onslaught to finish off a Salamander player that attacked a Sylph.
Volume XI, Chapter II, Part III? N/A N/A Shiota uses Cygnus Onslaught to try and bypass [[w:c:swordartonline:Eugene|]]'s Demonic Sword but fails.
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