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Cyan Flame Alliance
Guild Info
VRMMORPG Elemental Forces Only e
Founder Rika Akatsuki
Focus Floor Clearing Guild
Base of Operations Floor 2- Land of Fire
Status Operative


The Cyan Flame crest is a cyan-colored sun in a red-orange circle with a black background.


Cyan Flame was created for Fire Manipulators, in a way so that the Fire Manipulator race would be the race to complete the game. That was before Rika Akatsuki heard of Asuka's determination to beat the Floor 74 boss. From there, a pact between the two guilds were created so that both would defeat the game.


Elemental Forces Online


Their original base at the very start of the game was at Floor 1, like all guilds, but after defeating the first level boss and taking a peek at the second floor, Rika decided to use the Land of Fire as the base of operations instead.

Known Members

Notable Achievements

  • defeated numerous bosses alongside of Blood Legacy



  • The Cyan Flame Alliance was actually supposed to be called Boar Flame.
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