This Skill, Curse Of The Pharoahs, is property of ArtistOfTheDaleks.

Curse Of The Pharoahs
Curse Of The Pharoahs
Skill Info
Kanji 神の王の呪い
Romaji Kami no ō no noroi
Category Superpower
User(s) Yumeko Fujiwara

Curse Of The Pharoahs is a custom Superpower in Red Sky Online created by Yumeko Fujiwara in an attempt to replicate Shinigami for RSO.


Curse Of The Pharoahs is a Magic and Psionic based superpower in Red Sky Online. When activated it grants the user the ability to use a dark purplish black aura of energy that can be used in various ways and when anything living comes into contact with it they decay and die instantly, if it comes into contact with any objects not in the hands of the user they decay rapidly and turn to dust, it even absorbs and nullifies light and particles. It can be used to form weapons or extra appendages as well as form a very difficult to penetrate armor. Other uses can include conjuring creatures associated with death and even empowering their own bodies with the powers of Anubis and Osiris and even creating undead soldiers that cant be killed.




  • This Power was mainly inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Legends of Curses used for the protection of Royal Tombs.
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