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Red-hued spear made from the twisted horns of an exile. Said to possess the inherent strength of his fearsome roar.
~ Excerpt from the in-game description.
Crimson Tide (Kenji)
Weapon Info
Kanji クリムゾンタイド
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type Two-handed Spear
Obtained/Made By Player-made
Unique Skill Paralysis

The «Crimson Tide» was a player-made two-handed spear created by Akiye for use by Sojiro Kori,[1] in the days after the founding members of «Brightscale» defeated «Zagan the Exile».[2]

Up to 12 enhancements could be made to the «Crimson Tide».


The «Crimson Tide» comprises the twin horns of «Zagan the Exile» twisted together like a rope and fashioned into a devastatingly sharp tip.[1]

Known materials

  • «Horns of the Exile» -- dropped by «Zagan the Exile».[2]
  • «Lightning Breath Organ» -- dropped by «Zagan the Exile».[2]
  • «Alloys» -- refined by Akiye.[2]


The «Crimson Tide» was a powerful weapon which, according to Kenji Hiroshi, had slightly higher stats than his own «Scimitar» +8 (5S3D), which was enhanced to its limit.[1]

Stats aside, the «Crimson Tide» possessed the following attributes:

  • Confers a Level 2 paralysis effect on targets struck.[1]
  • Sword Skills belonging to the «Armour Pierce» Skill-tree deal additional damage.[1]
  • Increases «Armour Pierce» Skill proficiency gain.[1]

The only piece of equipment encountered by the members of «Brightscale» that could offer even partial resistance to the paralysis effect when it was first forged was the «Suit of the Exile» worn by Yoshiro Kazuki.[1]

There were two known early-game ways to resist the paralysis effect and both were hidden «Extra Skills».

  • The initial Skill of the «Dancing» Skill-tree, «Healing Waltz», could heal negative status effects up to Level 2.[3]
  • «Meditation» increased HP recovery rate and heightened the user's resistance against negative status effects.[4][5]

Known users

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • This spears visual theme and name is taken from the Crimson Tide spear in Final Fantasy 14.
  • As far as comparisons the paralysis effect inherent to «Crimson Tide» is similar to the «Spine of Shmargor» encountered by Kirito and Asuna in Progressive. Story-wise this was intended to throw-up similar worries from Kenji's perspective as was addressed by Kirito, whilst homing in on Kenji's player-killing in the beta.


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