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Crimson Rain Services
Guild Info
Name Crimson Rain Services
Kanji 紅レインサービス
Romanji Kurenai rein Sābisu
VRMMORPGs End War Online
Founder Sento Kasai
Members Haru Yamamoto
Main Focus Make money
Base of Operations Noslun, Renskr
Allies Butterfly Kiss Gunsmithing
Status Active

Crimson Rain Services is a Human faction "organization" in End War Online.


Crimson Rain Services is a very simple and informal organization. Sento chose a place to set up as his headquarters/base of operations, and took the name "Crimson Rain Services" just for the hell of it. People who came to Sento with contracts mistook the name of the office as the organization's official name, and word-of-mouth led to Sento adopting this name as the title of his informal network of contacts and associates. Eventually, Haru joined up with Sento full-time due to lack of interest in her solo operations, and the two became the two proprietors of the office. Many note that Crimson Rain is very open-minded and versatile, taking on any kind of job whether it be a simple domestic dispute, infiltration and reconnaissance for local law enforcement operations, or actual assassinations. The two of them try to operate within legal limits to avoid trouble with any higher authorities, though the citizens vouch that Crimson Rain is a necessary service in the local area.

Local reputation praises the two proprietors of Crimson Rain, with even local law enforcement trusting the pair in black ops missions and allowing minor infringements to slide so long as they keep the mission clean and leave as few casualties as possible. For some reason, a more formal mercenary operation by the name of Obsidian Integrity Contractors has declared themselves and Crimson Rain rival groups, despite Sento, Haru, and their associates unanimously agreeing that this "rivalry" between the two is a one-sided affair seemingly to promote the latter group.


Crimson Rain Services consists of only 2 members, though many people have become associated with the group due to constant interaction.


Members by Association:

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