Courtyard of the Hearth
Location Info
Kanji 炉床のコートヤード
Romaji Roshō no Kōtoyādo
Location Aincrad, 69th Floor
Type Landmark

The Courtyard of the Hearth is a landmark located on the 69th Floor of Aincrad. It makes an appearance in Truth and Ideals, and was the final battlefield between Kai and Hangman, during the «To Catch a Killer» quest.


The Courtyard lies beneath the ground of the 69th Floor of Aincrad, in a cave after a winding staircase. At the bottom lies a courtyard that oversees the edge of Aincrad. Two barriers line inside the courtyard, which burn with flames. At the far end of the courtyard lies a large door-like ornament, decorated with bones and skulls.


Truth and Ideals

This landmark was where Kai and Hangman fought in the final phase of the «To Catch a Killer» quest. The dungeon was rigged with traps, by Hangman, to gain an advantage over Kai, though many of them were assuaged with the use of an antipoison potion.

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