Weapon Info
Kanji 烈火
Romaji Rekka
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Firearm: Volc-Star Personal Defense Model
Obtained/Made By Custom-made

Conflagration is Airi Isurugi's paired sub-machine gun set in Hazard ReBurst.


The Volc-Star Personal Defense Model SMG is a sleek, futuristic sub-machine gun akin to a ST Kinetics CPW, featuring Rave Energy lines running throughout the weapon. The magazine is replaced with a coolant cartridge due to the nature of a Valvrave firearm firing crystalline Rave Energy instead of standard ballistic projectiles. Instead of ejection ports for spent shells, an ambidextrous exhaust vent allows the weapon to discharge excess heat while swapping between coolant cartridges.

Conflagration is a pair of these Volc-Star PDMs, both featuring red Rave Energy pulsing through them, modified barrel shrouds featuring integrated bayonets, underbarrel flashlight/laser-sight attachments, angled fore-grips, a red-dot sight on the right gun, and a reflex sight on the left gun. Both are also modified to fire superheated projectiles at rapid rates, and have the capacity to save some of the excess heat for enhancing the thermal energy of projectiles for a limited amount of time, or as a single concentrated blast of heat.

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