Element Info
Romaji Kumo
Classification Augmented Element
Basic Elements Water (EUO)

Cloud is an augmented element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It is the enhanced form of Water.



Since Water is an augmented form of Water, it is a prerequisite to have learned and to have decent control over the Prime Element.

Cloud allows the user to manipulate and create Clouds, Mist, and any other of the gaseous forms of Water, with the exception of Steam. Due to its rather close relationship with Water, Cloud is one of the easiest to learn augmented elements.

Cloud is created when a Water-user accelerates the evaporation process by using his Aera. This overall process is rather similar to Steam, but unlike it, Cloud is not as hot. The first stages of learning are generally by manipulating already existing clouds or mist, while the later steps make the user create clouds with the water existing within the user's vicinity.


  • Moon: during the night, when the climate is colder, the strength of a cloud-user increases notably. During a full moon night, this is more noticeable than ever, since the power of the user is greater than in any of the other nights.
  • Big Amount of Water: the bigger the amount of water close to the cloud-user, the stronger the techniques of the user become.
  • Poles: a cloud-user will become stronger when they are closer to either the north or south pole.
  • Lighting: since lightning is naturally created in the Clouds, many Lightning-users go through the trouble of learning Cloud to make their techniques stronger.


  • Lunar Eclipse: during a lunar eclipse, a cloud-user loses part of his powers.
  • External Water Source: the lack of water (in any state, even as humidity in the air) leaves the cloud-user defenseless. This is why some players carry water skins with them at all times.



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