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Clearing Out The Storehouse (Kenji)
Quest Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Tolbana
Boss Bandit Leader
Reward Loot

«Clearing Out The Storehouse» was a quest available from an elderly female NPC in Tolbana on the 1st Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online. According to Kenji the quest gives paltry rewards from a fighter's perspective and is thus not well-known but is great for a fledgling crafter.[1]


The elderly quest giving NPC claims that a small cave outside Tolbana was originally used by her family as a storehouse. The storehouse has since been taken over by a group of bandits who use it as their headquarters. Being unable to clear them out herself the woman implores wandering swordsman to return the storehouse to her by killing the bandits.[1]

The quest, according to Kenji, would be difficult for a two-person party of level 4 to complete and thought it impossible for Momoko and Akiye to complete it as crafters. Knowing this for themselves, for they bought information from Argo, the twins sought to recruit an ally to help and ended up paying Loki for his services.[2] Once he got them to the quest location however Loki demanded their money in exchange for safe return to Tolbana and ended up going orange when he attempted to rob Akiye. Kenji subsequently intervened and drove Loki off. Being level 14 at the time Kenji breezed the quest solo with the twins as party members.[1]

Quest details

If the cave is encountered before the quest is accepted the entrance is locked and cannot be opened. Should the quest be accepted then the door can be opened normally and Human-type enemies appear within for the player to defeat. The lesser bandits continually respawn until the «Bandit Leader» is defeated.[2] Returning to the elderly woman completes the quest. Kenji, having experienced the quest in the beta, knew beforehand about the respawning bandits and used that to his advantage so that Elise and Akiye could gain the rare crafting gear dropped by the «Bandit Tailor» and «Bandit Blacksmith».[1]


Kenji stated that the quest itself provided little for a front-line fighter. He did note however that the «Bandit Tailor» and «Bandit Blacksmith» encountered in this quest had equipment equivalent to shop-bought gear from the 3rd Floor, and that this gear could appear as a rare drop.[1] The tailor dropped an «Heirloom Sewing Kit» whilst the blacksmith dropped an «Heirloom Hammer».[2]

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Author's notes


  • Kenji never accepted the quest himself. Apparently having Momoko and Akiye in his party fulfilled the requisite needed for him to open the door and complete the quest normally.

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