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Claw (Kenji)
Weapon Info
Kanji 鉤爪
Romaji kagidume
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type One-handed Curved Sword
Obtained/Made By Player-made
Unique Skill «Deadly Darts»

«Claw», referred to by Kenji Hiroshi as the "boomerang sword", was a player-made weapon forged from an ingot obtained from Kenji's «Razer», which was forged by Akiye Tanaka just prior to the front-line group unlocking the 22nd Floor of Aincrad in «Sword Art Online». It served as one of two primary weapons wielded by Kenji, the other being «Talon», beginning on the 22nd Floor.


«Claw» was on the longer-side of the one-handed curved sword category, with its entire length, hilt included, being roughly as long as Kenji was tall. It boasts a rather unique appearance, with a hollowed-out portion near the back close to the hilt, and a form reminiscent of an enlarged khyber-knife with a gently curving edge. Uniquely, «Claw» sported a cloth-wrapped hilt that was affixed to the wielder's arm and wrapped around their wrist, which itself could be loosed.


«Claw», without enhancements of any kind, was superior to Kenji's enhanced «Razer», which had been his primary weapon since the 31st of December 2022.[1]

«Talon» was known to possess the following special traits:

  • «Deadly Darts» -- a Sword Skill attached to «Claw» that allows the wielder to launch a mid-range attack by spinning the blade by its cloth and hurling the sword at the target and then yanking it back to their hand. It was this Sword Skill that led to Kenji referring to it as the "boomerang sword".
  • «Retrieval» -- a trait attached to «Claw» courtesy of the wielder's arm being wrapped up in the cloth affixed to the hilt. This allows the wielder to easily retrieve the weapon should it be dropped, or yank it free from monsters attempting to steal it.

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Behind the scenes

  • The appearance of «Claw» is based on the largest of Ichigo's twin Shikai blades from Bleach.
  • «Deadly Darts» is the name given to the technique employed by Hollow Ichigo whenever he spins Zangetsu by its cloth.


  • «Claw» shares its kanji and translation with «Talon». The term, kagidume, when broken down means hook claw or hook talon.

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