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Personal Info
Name Claire ???(SAO:SB)
Claire Haseo(SAO:Q)
Kanji クレア
Romanji Kurea
Age 11 (SAO)
19 (Queen)
33 (Shattered Boundaries)
Gender Female
Height 4'9 inches(149.352 cent.)

5'4 inches

Weight 80 lbs.

109 lbs.

Eyes Hazel
Hair Blonde
Place of Residence Apartment
Occupation University Student (Dominion)
Family Maggie (Girlfriend)
Player Profile
Display Name Claire (SAO)
Mistress Snow (Dominion)
Epithet Cunning Fox

The Tattooed Bitch

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online(SAO)
Occupation Snow Bells(SAO)
Partner Snow
Status Alive
Primary Skill Double-handed short blade

Claire is a character from Sword Art Online: Snow and Bells and the main protagonist of the one-shot Queen .


Sword Art Online

When Snow first found Claire, she was dressed in worn-out clothing and tangled hair. After Snow took her in, he made sure that she was cleaned up. She now wears a white button up shirt, a skirt, and boots. Claire also wears her hair tied up with a red ribbon.



Completely opposite of how she was years ago, she wears a full black outfit in Dominion. Claire wears an oversized black tank top decorated with a single heart. To match, she wears black leather skinny pants and black boots decorated with belts and chains. Finally, Claire puts on black feather gauntlets that covers her entire forearm. Her hair has a pink color and is tied up into a side ponytail and a braid. She also has fox tribal tattoos covering her arms and back.

In her Queen Mode, Claire's outfit and tattoos are the same, but her hair is reverted into a normal, blonde ponytail held up by a red ribbon, similar to her appearance in Sword Art Online. In addition, she sprouts white angel wings with a faint pink glow.

Kingdom 2: Evolution

Upon creation, it was a known that Claire would pick a fox as part of her hybrid. She pulls her hair back to its her original hairstyle: a ponytail held up by a red bow. Also on top of her head are a pair of long fox ears, and a set of nine fox tails on her tailbone. She wears a flaud over a tanktop, with a crop top hoodie to finish. Below, she wears multiple belts, a holster for her new sword "Bête Noir", and thigh high black stockings.


Sword Art Online: Snow and Bells

Claire was very lonely and did not smile until the day Snow came and offered her hospitality. She is depicted to be very enthusiastic later and tries her best to impress others around her.

Claire sees Snow as a father, despite how short their age difference is.

Sword Art Online: Queen

Now older, Claire has lost most of her enthusiasm from her time in between the end of Sword Art Online and Dominion. When playing VRMMOs, Dominion specifically, she has a very lazy, but aggresive attitude to her underlings and enemies. When faced with a challenge, however, she respects the strength of her rival.

In reality, she attends a university with her lover, Maggie, as a transfer student in the United States of America where she is a renown clarinet musician. Despite her tough personality, Maggie still teases her for being a "tsundere", which she cannot defend herself from.


In reality, Claire was an orphan. On the day Sword Art Online released, she stole a copy and played it on the orphange's Nerve Gear. After learning that she was trapped in the game, she survived by entering the Royal Knights United Player Army until Snow adopted her in-game.

After Snow died, she was adopted and raised by Ishi. Claire continues to play VRMMOs under a different name, Mistress Snow in honor of Snow.


Sword Art Online(SAO)

  • Level: 77
  • Main Equipment: 
    • Two-Handed Straight Sword
Two-Handed Straight Sword Pick Throwing Baking Cooking Light Metal Equipment
676 / 1000
445 / 1000
723 / 1000
744 / 1000
599 / 1000
Acrobatics Sprint Extended Weight Limit Battle Healing
334 / 1000
777 / 1000
410 / 1000
603 / 1000


  • Level: 
  • Animal Equipment:

Stamina Strength Vitality Agility Leg Strength

Character Song

【Melodic Dubstep】Dabin ft

【Melodic Dubstep】Dabin ft. Daniela Andrade - Hold

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