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White Lamb
Personal Info
Name Favia Silverwing
Kanji ファービーアー・シルバーウィング
Romanji Fābiiā Shirubāwingu
Birthday April 1
Age 16
Gender Female
Eyes Hazel
Hair Orange
Family Leo Regulus (real life brother)
Player Profile
Display Name Chrysomallus Stavropoulos
Kanji クリソモーラズ・スタブロポアリス
Romanji Kurisomōrazu Sutaburopoarisu
Epithet White Lamb
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Affiliation Etherion
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Teegarden's Star
Voice Actor Sayaka Narita

Chrysomallus Stavropoulos (クリソモーラズ・スタブロポアリス, Kurisomōrazu Sutaburopoarisu), often called Chrys for short, is an Angel in End War Online and twin sister of Leo Regulus. She is also a member of Etherion, assigned under the constellation Aries.


In reality, Favia has short orange hair with a shade darker than that of her twin's, a portion of it slightly longer than the rest. She shares most of her Leo's facial features, including the hazel eyes.

Her EWO avatar had blonde hair and brown eyes, and she is often dressed in a white, modernized, knee-length chiton with golden linings. A portion of her hair protrudes from both sides of her head, much like a ram's horns.

Chrys is often seen wielding her Teegarden's Star, an Alcotán-100, or a whip.


Chrys can be described as sweet and caring, but Leo often points out that she acts otherwise in the real world. She is also easily frightened, even at her age, much to the fun of the male members of Etherion.


Unlike Leo, Chrys is more open to their background outside of the game. She had told them of how frequent their family moved before settling in Japan, which eventually caused the siblings to lose friends as easy as they had made them. Due to that, they had seek greatly to make a permanent circle of friends.


Leo Regulus

Though Chrys acts differently in-game and in the real world, she treats his brother with the same level of care, even if Leo reprimands her not to do so, as others might see his leadership as biased.


Astraea and Chrys have a healthy relationship as friends, though the latter often gets jealous of the former due to Astraea's position as second-in-command, leaving her more time with Leo than Chrys can have. Nevertheless, they are comrades in and out of the battlefield.

Aphros Olympia

Being placed in one team, Aphros and Chrys are very good friends. Although, Chrys tends to keep a keen eye on the other, as she had once admitted liking her brother, much to Chrys' chagrin.

Taurus Aldebaran

Being placed in one team, Taurus and Chrys are very good friends.


End War Online

  • Faction: Angel
  • Occupation: Undetermined
  • Main Equipment: 

  • Eclipse: An ability shared by members of Etherion. It makes use of Light Soulcraft and varies depending on the user. Chrys charges Teegarden's Star with Anima before releasing a fatal blow that can cause mass destruction.
  • Daytime Arietid: Chrys' variation of Leo's Leonids, but much stronger.
  • Zenithal Sharatayn:


Music Themes


  • Her name Chrysomallus was the name of the golden-fleeced ram from which the constellation Aries was based on.
  • She shares the same VA as Aries of Fairy Tail.
  • Aphros (Pisces), Taurus and Chrys (Aries) being put together as a team was made in reference of the three said constellations bordering each other.
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