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The Archer
Personal Info
Birthday August 11, 2026
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 172cm
Eyes Plum
Hair White
Player Profile
Display Name Chiron Petracca
Kanji シロン・ペトラーカー
Romanji Shiron・Petorākā
Epithet The Archer
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Professional Sniper
Affiliation Etherion
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Sagitta
Voice Actor Satomi Sato

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not shoot, the courage to shoot the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies.
~ Chiron Petracca

Assigned under the constellation Sagittarius, Chiron Petracca (シロン・ペトラーカー, Shiron・Petorākā) is an Angel player of End War Online and the sniper of Etherion.


Chiron has silvery white hair barely going past her shoulders, and purple eyes, the left being covered by an eye patch of the same color. Her outfit consists of a white, chest length, sniper jacket, its mid-length sleeves folded before reaching her elbows. This is partnered with black shorts and thigh-high boots. An orange scarf rests on her left hip.


Chiron can be considered a professional sniper, as she works like one, refusing to show any emotion during her missions.

Game-wise, Chiron is quite a mysterious character, as she greatly adores the thrill of shooting an enemy from a distance that it appeared to be some sort of fetish for her. Much like Astraea, she also has a tendency to commit reckless acts.

Although, she does have some sense of humor, as she often makes white-lies to her comrades for the sake of teasing them, like telling Astraea during one of their missions in Eden's waters that it involves wearing swimsuits.



Leo Regulus

Chiron and Leo consider each other close friends, and she does admire his skills with a sniper rifle, as he was able to exceed hers despite their two-year difference in age.


Chiron greatly adores teasing their vice captain, as she finds her flushed face cute. They often go together on their own missions, even though Astraea has Libra as her original partner.

She is very fond of shipping her with either their Captain or Libra.


Orion Michaelides



End War Online

  • Firearms and Sniping: Chiron is a very skilled sniper, and she once hinted that she does study in some sort of military school.
  • Strategy and Battle Skills: Apart from being a skilled sniper, Chiron is also Etherion's resident strategist. Leo greatly acknowledges that she's the best strategist he'd met in his history of playing games.
  • Hand-to-hand Combat Skill: Chiron is also very good in close combat, in par with Orion Michaelides.

  • Eclipse: An ability shared by members of Etherion. It makes use of Light Soulcraft and varies depending on the user. Chiron gains the ability to track her own targets, even see them through any kind of obstruction and shoot a speeding homing bullet towards them.
  • Corrosive Shot: The bullets are imbued with noxious poison, that eats away both armor and flesh.
  • Demonic Snipe: The bullets speed increases and become extremely fatal.


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  • She was based from Gina Dickinson of God Eater, who is a sniper of the Defense Unit.
  • Her name, Chiron, is the name of the centaur from whom the constellation Sagittarius was based from.
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