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Chinatsu Kiseki

Personal Info
Kanji 千夏奇跡
Birthday 4th August
Age 14 (at beginning of SAO)
17 (when SAO ends)
Gender Female
Height 163cm
Eyes Green
Hair Brown (Real Life)
Lavender (Original Avatar/After Dying her Hair in-game)
Place of Residence Tokyo
Family Fuyumiya Kaoruko/Kaori (girlfriend/future wife/in-game wife)
Chinatsu Momoko (mother)
Chinatsu Kumiko (younger sister)
Shirokawa Yoriyuki (father)
Terashima Daichi (step-father)
Chinatsu Saki (baby half-sister)
Player Profile
Display Name Stellena
Kanji ステレナ
Epithet The Cowardly Swordswoman
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Status Alive
Voice Actor Sakura Ayane
First Appearance Prologue

Chinatsu Kiseki (千夏奇跡?), known as Stellena (ステレナ?), is the main protagonist of Sword Art Online - Alternate Aincrad Arc.


Real Life

Outside of Sword Art Online, Kiseki has shoulder blade length brown hair and green eyes while also wearing a pair of round glasses.

Her body is seen to be small yet feminine. Despite this, her bust is small and her overall three sizes are very small. Her casual wear often consists of a purple long sleeved dress, cream coloured cardigan, white tights and brown boots.



Kiseki is an extremely timid girl who struggles to make friends and interact with others - also getting constantly bullied (verbally) and constantly isolated by her classmates which lead to her buying Sword Art Online and the NerveGear. Despite her timidity, Kiseki is sweet, intelligent and imaginative - having a wild imagination at times. However, when in SAO, she struggles with using her sword at the beginning of her journey to beat the death game.



November 6, 2022
After buying the NerveGear and the Sword Art Online game using her saved up money to buy a limited edition magical girl figure, Kiseki logged into the game at exactly 1pm by using the command "Link Start".

Upon logging into the game, Kiseki created her avatar which looked completely different to her real life self and, once she was happy with her purple themed avatar and after naming herself Stellena, she officially logged into the game - however, didn't know what to and was therefore confused before being surprised a bright yellow haired and eyed boy who appeared to be 18; Kiseki instantly growing timid and blushing in an instance when he calls her avatar cute and hot. However, just as Kiseki started blushing, the sky turned red and caused Kiseki to instantly freak out just as a hooded figure leaked out from the sky and told every player that they are trapped within the death game until the game is cleared - Stellena's avatar turning into her real life appearance as well every other player, the boy who called her avatar hot realising that she's just a plain and simple nerd in real life. TBA...



  • Chinatsu Momoko
  • Chinatsu Kumiko
  • Chinatsu Saki
  • Shirokawa Yoriyuki
  • Terashima Daichi


  • Fuyumiya Kaoruko / Kaori
  • Tojo Satoru / Joruto


  • Kirito
  • Asuna




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