Chain Raver
Weapon Info
Kanji チェーン・レイバー
Romaji Chēn Reibā
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Firearm: Volc-Impaler Chain-gun + Rave Blaster Type RC
Obtained/Made By Custom-made

The Chain Raver is Nao Karino's primary firearm in Hazard ReBurst.


The Chain Raver is derived from the Volc-Impaler Chain-gun, an advanced assault rifle firing crystalline Rave Energy spikes. The spikes it fires are slender, needle-like bolts meant for rapid fire and impalement. Its frame is sleek, with a unique recoil-suppressing stock and sight system that will only activate in the presence of an authorized user. A manual override is installed in the weapon should someone need to temporarily borrow Chroma. The Chain Raver also features an underbarrel shotgun taken from a Rave Blaster Type RC, modified to discharge heat to the same Cooling Barrel as the rifle it is integrated in. It fires thicker, sharper bolts of Rave Energy at targets with intense amounts of force, capable of knocking opponents back an inch or two per trigger pull. To reload, the user must pull back the rifle's charging handle, revealing the ejection port and the internal Cooling Barrel that most Valvrave-based firearms use. From there, the user ejects the used Barrel and replaces it with a new one before closing the ejection port. The efficiency of a single Cooling Barrel in the Chain Raver translates to 100 rounds, instead of the 80 rounds found in a default VI-CG. The shotgun attachment holds 15 rounds as opposed to the standard 7 rounds in an unmodified RB-RC.


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