WARNING! Contains Spoilers

Boss Info
Kanji セルディク
Romaji Serudiku
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Status Defeated

Cerdic is an AI Boss and the main antagonist of Arc 1 of Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes. He was created by Skeith, under unknown circumstances. He is the leader of the Army of Cerdic


Cerdic most notable characteristic is his appearance, the same as a human. He has a long orange beard and long hair of the same color coming out of his head, with a golden crown on his forehead and crimson-red eyes. He uses leather and metal elbow pads, and forearm protectors colored silver and yellow. Most of his body clothes are green or dark green, with leather armor on it. He carries a claymore on the right side of his waist and a knife on the other side. On battle, he tends to use a two-handed battleaxe. He uses brown boots.


Cerdic is a master strategist and a genius in the art of war, so as his skills on the field of battle. He is merciless, bloodthirsty and would do anything for killing all the humans in the game. He tends to not be impulsive, a reason he is very often in conflict with his son, Cynric. Other of the reason he constantly bullies him and forces him to act at his way.


He wants to clear SAO and kill all the remaining players of SAO, creating an army of monsters, making them AI, the same as he is.


  • HP: unknown
  • Main Equipment:
    • Caledfwlch
    • Axe
    • Knife
One-handed Sword One-handed Axe One-handed Dagger Parry Battle Healing
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
Sprint Agility Leather Equpment Two-Handed Sword
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000

Item Drops

Known Challengers



  • Cerdic's crown is similar to Fairy King Oberon.
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