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Dual Blades (二刀流, Nitōryū?), as it was known in «[[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]», is a Unique Skill that belongs to [[w:c:swordartonline:Kirito|]] prior to his death on the 75th Floor. It was then passed on to Kirin. This skill allows the use of unique Sword Skills that are executed with two blades simultaneously. This skill is labeled as an Extra Skill in «Spell Blade Online» although it was renamed to Celestial Blade (天の刃, Amenoyaiba?).

Skill Description

Dual Blades allows the wielder to wield two swords at the same time. The prerequisites to obtain the skill in SAO was to be the player with the fastest reaction speeds. Kirito was the player to obtain this skill, however, his death transferred the skill over to the next fastest player, Kirin.

The skill was reworked in SBO to change its prerequisites. The first prerequisite that must be met is the successful usage of 2,000 one-handed sword skills on mobs (the system will not count missed skills). The second prerequisite can be cleared in one of two ways. Either the player must reach a proficiency of 250 points on the one-handed sword and obtain the «Star Saber» skill or reach a proficiency of 500 points and earn the «Partial Mastery» title for the one-handed sword. Within SBO, three people are known to have cleared the prerequisites during its closed beta, Kirin, Rain, and Yuuki.

Known Techniques

Original Sword Art Online Skill Set

Added Spell Blade Online Skill Set

Unique Techniques


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 1, The Passing of the Torch Chapter 1, Part 3 N/A N/A Kirito uses his Dual Blades skill for the first time in public in his fight against [[w:c:swordartonline:The Gleam Eyes|]] while trying to save several members of the Aincrad Liberation Force from the boss, defeating the boss with one of the high-level sword skills, Starburst Stream.

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