Weapon Info
Kanji コーカサス
Romaji Kōkasasu
VRMMORPG End War Online
Weapon Type HF Archetype
Clawed Gauntlets

The Type 8 MK-35 is a unique high-frequency blade made in the form of a pair of gauntlets with deployable blades, used by Junji Hitsugaya in End War Online.


The Type 8 MK-35, as previously mentioned, is a pair of armored gauntlets. These black gauntlets feature metallic armor plating, as well as a set of three hidden knife blades, One on either side of the forearm and one on top. When deployed, the blades align themselves in between the user's four knuckles, with some of the armor on the gauntlets reconfiguring itself to keep the blades from being dislocated while striking.

Polarity System

The Type 8 manipulates its three blades via a self-contained series of magnets, which allows the user to reconfigure the blades as needed. Experimental sensors used in tandem with a similar headset provide the necessary signals needed to tell the blades where to go. By default, the Type 8 has the blades set up in between the user's knuckles, but it can be used other methods. The blades can stack underneath the user's wrist and extend as needed, with the armor plating moving to accommodate and keep the blades in place. One or two blades can be deployed instead of all three, or the blades can be disconnected from and hover around the gauntlets. This latter formation allows the user to punch targets, then send the blades to pierce the enemy almost immediately. The knives will only remain within a 2-foot (~0.61 meter) radius of the gauntlets. If they are somehow pulled out of the magnetic field, they will remain where they are until the user moves so the knives enter the operational radius. When they do, the magnets will pull the blades back in and configure them according to the user's will.

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