Carnefice, also known as the SDM-Oculus, is the handgun Ridley Scordato uses in End War Online

Item Info
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Semi-automatic handgun


The Carnefice is a modified Springfield Armory XDM. Ridley modified the pistol so it has far superior stopping power per shot when compared to most handguns. It was designed to be able to be dual-wielded, with both his Dragon Mk. 2Sword Bayonets, and another SDM-Oculus, but can be used well on its own. Though in order to maintain excellent accuracy, its fire rate had been slowed. 

Modifications include:

  • Heavily upgraded firing pin for faster bullet velocity and stopping power
  • Custom grooves and rifling in the barrel to increase range and accuracy
  • Modified barrel to easily equip barrel attachements
  • Detachable yellow laser sight
  • Under-barrel holder for Sword Bayonet
  • Forged steel slide replaced with custom titanium slide to decrease weight


  • "Carnefice" is Italian for "executioner"
  • The laser sight was inspired by the laser sight of the LS12 Ripper from Killzone: Shadow Fall.
  • The stopping power is so powerful, that when held to someone's head and fired, the bullet would come out the other side without losing any power.
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