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The Devil Child
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Personal Info
Name Carin Âkerfeldt
Birthday February 1st
Age 15 (13 pre SAO)
Gender Female
Height 4"9'
Weight 85 lbs
Eyes Pale blue
Hair Blonde
Place of Residence Uppsala, Sweden
Occupation School student
Marital Status single
Family Johan Âkerfeldt (Father)

Elin Alenius (Mother)

Player Profile
Display Name 666
Epithet The Devil Child
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Player Killer
Affiliation Laughing Coffin
Partner Zinedine Pascal

Connor Brown

Status active
Primary Skill Dagger



Reality / Sword Art Online

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Pre SAO Avatar



  • Insane
  • Moody
  • Naughty
  • Jealous
  • Obssessive
  • Selfish
  • Unpredictable
  • Impolite
  • Cruel
  • Aggressive


Carin born the 1st february from a hooker that a serial killer raped, she was orphaned when a baby. Her name was given from her adopted parents, but her blood was still one of a mentaly instable man, and so she was. Already in her young years, there was nothing she loved more than suferring. Being cruel to every other child, they could never predict when her mood changes would hit. Sometimes she was like an angel playing with her five year old friends, and the next moment she could have stabbed one with scissors. 

Her parents took her to a doctor, and they gave her medication to control the mood changes, her suffering addiction. Also Carin's parent started getting her books to read, movies to watch on tv, and games to play. But she was always demanding. If she saw a friend had this movie, or this book, she had to have it. If her parents didn't buy it, she could steal it, or even hurt the kid till he gave it to her.

Years went by and little by little she came to "control" a bit more her feelings, with the help of the high medication. Her parents bought her SAO when the year she turned thirteenth, and she entered the game like any other normal player, just with mental prolems that could affect her future game play, as it turns out, the game was a death trap for 10000 players.


Sword Art Online


Zinedine Pascal

Connor Brown


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 67
  • HP: 9943

Main Equipment


One-Handed Dagger Leather Equipment Familiar Communication Familiar Recovery Familiar Hiding
806 / 1000
783 / 1000
990 / 1000
982 / 1000
888 / 1000
Famaliar Tracking Detection Hunting Night Vision Blade Throwing
809 / 1000
795 / 1000
681 / 1000
477 / 1000
431 / 1000
268 / 1000

Dagger Skills

Thrust (1-hit strike) A dagger skill in which the player actvate, moving the dagger backward, and thrusts forward.

X Slash (2-hit combo) A dagger skill which perform a quick X strike.

Shadow Counter (2-hit combo) Must be behind the enemy to activate. The user beams in, thrusting it's opnent, then slide slahses him, making his way to the enemy's back again.

Cross Cut (2-hit combo) Performs two rapid strikes, marking a cross on the enemy

Dash&Gash (1-hit strike) Dashes at a fast speed, gashing the enemy on the side. Good to evade and hurt the enemy

Houndred Stings (4-hit combo) A Master Dagger technque, which strikes for consecutive hits, moving rapiditly in the enemies blind spots

Thousand Needles (5-hit combo) The dagger is thrusted at the enemy five times so fast that they almost look simultanouly



474 max

  • Level: 60
  • HP: 13674
  • Attack: 700
  • Defence: 300

Familiar Skills

Underground Strike Can crawl underground to initiate a surprise attack.


Can entangle it's enemy to give a moment of opening to his master or running time. Puts a risk on his life for that.

Poison strike

Each Strike has 3% chance of poisoning.

Notable Acheivement



  • The centipede's name is from pokemon.
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