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Cardiophylax (Kenji)
Item Info
Kanji 心肺機能
Romaji shinpaikinou
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Quest Not applicable
Obtained By Player-made

The «Cardiophylax» (心肺機能) was a three-piece suit of extremely lightweight gorget-style armor created by Akiye using materials from «Zagan the Exile», amongst others, for Kenji Hiroshi.

The suit comprised the neck, upper-body and waist slots. It was the first long-serving suit of armour, including the «Oxen Cloth Trousers» and «Martial Arts Leg Guards», worn by Kenji during his early adventures in Aincrad.

Up to 15 enhancement attempts could be made on the «Cardiophylax».


The upper-body equipment slot of the «Cardiophylax» incorporated the neck slot and focused its protection on the central chest-area and throat. It primarily safeguarded the lungs and heart, with an accompanying shoulder-guard on the left shoulder that extended down to shield the wearer's bicep, designed specifically for the off-hand. This shoulder could be turned towards an opponent during battle to serve as a makeshift shield.

The waist slot featured several strips of studded leather that descended to cover the wearer's knees and hips, appearing similar to a skirt.

Between the metal of the chest-piece and the wearer's skin was a layer of hardened leather. A good portion of the wearer's upper torso, including the outside area of the pectoral muscles and the entire right-shoulder, possessed lesser protection than the main cardiovascular areas. The upper-body from the base of the pectorals to the beginning of the waist was unprotected.

Known materials

  • «High-quality Exile Hide» -- dropped by «Zagan the Exile».
  • «Unnamed alloys» -- refined by Akiye.
  • Additional unnamed materials provided by Kenji.


The «Cardiophylax», according to Kenji, was high-end equipment considering it was made from rare materials -- the main components from a one-time Event Boss -- gathered from the 1st and 2nd Floors of Aincrad. Since it took up the neck, upper-body and waist slots, its stats where high compared to contemporary equipment available at the time.

Its unique attributes included:

  • +8 to Strength.
  • +4 to Agility.
  • Bonus to the «Hiding» skill.

Known users

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • The «Cardiophylax» was originally designed to be similar to the «Mighty Strap of Leather», itself available on the 2nd Floor from a treasure chest.
  • The above was altered so that the armor could provide a more unique aesthetic similar to Kirito's various black coats.


  • The name «Cardiophylax», meaning cardio-pulmonary function, is a reference to the area said armor protects; specifically the lungs and heart.
  • Visually this armor was intended to resemble the Light Steel Galerus from Final Fantasy 14.

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