Capital Vice
Weapon Info
Kanji カピタル バイス
Romaji Kapitaru Baisu
VRMMORPG End War Online
Weapon Type Designated Marksman Rifle

Capital Vice is Himuro Katsuragi's personal rifle in End War Online.


The Capital Vice is a prototype of the Memphisto Rifle that Katsuragi kept for himself after Ryuga further specified what he wanted for his primary weapon. Based on the HK417, the Capital Vice heavily modifies the base rifle with a lot of features found in the later rifle. The HK417 has been retrofitted with Memphisto's thumbhole stock and a modified barrel shroud with custom porting and an integral suppressor. It functions only in semi-automatic, lacking the burst-fire seen in Memphisto and the Disaster Pithos. The chambering mechanism has been modified to accept a wide variety of ammunition using 7.62 mm x 51 NATO rounds as a base. It lacks any intricate designs and details, focusing more on function over fashion. The scope is sleek and angular, with variable zoom and additional night-vision/thermal modes. Himuro usually runs 30-round magazines, though he will switch to larger capacity mags if needed. It uses the same ammo types as Disaster Pithos, with similar maximum effective firing ranges. Like its successor, Capital Vice has biometric locks synchronized to Himuro only; not even Ryuga can temporarily bypass the locks. The Capital Vice is truly Himuro's own rifle.


  • Ryuga's preference for a completely custom rifle disappointed Himuro, as he was already prepared to mass-produce this rifle for use within Ryuga's organization. His disappointment was quickly replaced with intrigue when Ryuga told him his ideas for the Rogue and Stalk sets, telling Himuro that he wanted a personalized set for himself and a mass-production version for his group.
  • Originally, Himuro was going to scrap this rifle after Ryuga asked for Memphisto to be made from scratch, but decided to repurpose it for his own use.
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