Item Info
Kanji カンタビル
Romaji kantabiru
VRMMORPG Endless Utopia Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Bladed Element Launcher

Cantabile is a one or two-handed bladed element launcher resembling a rifle used by Hibiki Shichimiya in Endless Utopia Online. It is like a smaller and quieter version of Accelerando, except with a different core design.


Cantabile is a long and thin portable elemental energy launcher with a blade attached. At the core of the cannon is a single-chamber energy loader, which requires a capsule of concentrated elemental Aera. While all elements can be loaded into of this weapon, the inside of the cannon barrel was designed so that Sound-based attacks would work the best, much to Hibiki's preference. However, this weapon concentrates a smaller portion of energy than normal energy cannons to fit the smaller barrel, therefore lessening the power and making the shots fired quieter. This weapon can also collapse to become smaller, therefore making it easier to carry and/or conceal.


  • "Cantabile" is a musical term that often appears at the beginning of movements as in andante cantabile - at walking speed and in a singing style. (according to

SAOF Arena Stats

User/Owner Hibiki
Weapon Type Firearm
Attack 40
Defense 0
Magic 75
Magic Defense 0
Agility 0
Luck 5
Max HP 0
Max MP 40
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