Bullet Trace
Soulcraft Info
Kanji ブリット・トレース
Romaji Buritto torēsu
Level Low
Race All
Attribute Neutral

Bullet Trace is a basic Soulcraft in End War Online.


Bullet Trace is a Soulcraft that allows a player to alter their view of the world.

It allows the player's targets to see the trajectory of the bullets that are being aimed at the them. This trajectory takes the form of a thin, light-red, half-translucent light in the target's viewpoint. In the case of full-auto weapons appear at the same time, there is a slight time difference between them that shows the order where the bullets will come out of the rifle barrel.

This ability also allows players to predict the places where the bullets shall impact thier body and either elude or deflect bullets with a proper weapon.

Constant use of Bullet Trace drains on whoever is using it, taking a good amount of Anima to sustain over long periods.


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