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The Brotherhood of The Faithful is a guild in End War Online
Brotherhood of The Faithful
Guild Info
Kanji 忠実なのブラザーフッド
Romanji Chūjitsuna no burazāfuddo
VRMMORPGs End War Online
Members Alexander Iscariot
Main Focus Forming a peaceful treaty between Angels and Humans

Eliminating Demons and those affiliated

Status Active



The Brotherhood of The Faithful is divided into three division, each with their own roles.


The Priests are the leaders of the Brotherhood, tasked with upholding all operations therein. They also frequently travel to recruit new members as well as spread their teachings to those willing to hear, as well as to use their special Soulcraft to help those in need.


Exorcists are the main combat force of the Brotherhood, charged with defending the covenant as well as hunting down and eliminating Demons or Demon Hybrids on Eden. They are frequently seen with the Priests, acting as their guards.


Scribes are the chroniclers of the Brotherood, tasked with recording events within the Brotherhood as well as keeping track of all Demons found on Eden, as well as those who were successfully hunted down and eliminated.

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